Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can you help me to make the project myself as I don’t want to purchase the ready-made project.

Q2. How can I know that there is any discount on particular project ?

Q3. Do you also print or etch your company name, logo or any other signature in project PCB?

Q4. Can you provide the circuit diagram, layout and source code of project?

Q5. How do you support if I don’t get the output after purchasing the project?

Q6. Is there any certificate of project doing given by you?

Q7. Can you show how do you give 100% solution?

Q8. What are the different payment modes to purchase the project?

Q9. How do I clear my any doubts after purchasing the project? Can you help me?

Q10. Can I extend or modify your project listed in website? will you provide modifed project also according to our demands?

Q11. What is the difference between the categories Professional Kit, Assembled Kit, Combo Kit and Learning Kit? Out of these four categories which one is best suitable for me?

Q12. If I couldn’t find correct output or complete the project in case of professional kit then what should I do? Will you help me in that case?

Q13. How can I know that there is any discount on particular project ?

Q14. Is there any project training or workshop in your company?

Q15. How do I order or purchase the project after selecting?

Q16. Is there any hidden cost of project kits?

Q17. Is there any shipping charge will be added to project cost? How many days will take to deliver the project?

Q18. How can I choose which project I have to purchase if I didn’t have any project experience?

Q19. What are special features and benefits of your project Kits?

Q20. How do you I believe the website is secured for purchasing?

General Inquiry ⇓

Q21. Do you provide or sell components only?

Q22. Is there any software or application based project in your websit project list?

Q23. How do you provide project to me? If project get damaged during delivery or during packing/ unpacking then how do you help me?

Q24. Will you research and develop my project idea or provide my customized project with specified requirements?

Q25. How many branches of your company in India?

Ans 1. Yes we are always available for your assistance. We provide you the required components and documentation in Learning Kit. We guide you online throught live video calling for making that project step by step like circuit and PCB designing , Circuit simulation and programming, components assembling, running and testing the final project. We will help happy if you complete the project yourself with our guidance.

Ans 2. There are two categaory of discount available.
a. You have to see the Sale Section in the home page for discount available.
b. If you have any discount coupen then you can apply that coupen for discount.

Ans 3. No, if you purchase any project then there is nothing like this in original document and printed PCB which can create problem to you. These things are only visible at our website to secure our contents from other seller.

Ans 4. Yes, we will provide circuit diagram, PCB layout and the source code used in the project with file documentation in soft copy.

Ans 5. We will responsible of 100% output of our project in case of Assembled Kit. If any problem persists then you can send us the kit back and we will replace that kit with new one. And in case of Learning kit we will help and support to you until you get 100% output.

Ans 6. Yes, we will provide certification of project completion under external guide of our company in case of Learning Kit.
We also provide project training certificate of particular along with trainings like embedded training, basic electronics knowledge, ASP.NET etc.
There is Workshop attending certificate along with each workshop organize.

Ans 7. Our highly experienced team design and program all the projects to give 100% solution. Before launching and delivering any project we test and run that project.

Ans 8. After placing an order you can pay online by using online gateway

or You can deposit payment cash in our company’s bank account.

or You can transfer through NEFT or Mobile banking to our company’s bank account.

Bank Details:
Name: Techsodes Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Account Number: 674705500023
Branch: Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
IFSC code: ICIC0006747

Ans 9. You can contact us at: +91 89555 12356 or Mail us: for any doubts you have. We will organize meeting with technical supports to clear your doubts.

Ans 10. Yes, you can request for any modification or changes in our project, we will explain how the modified project will work and project cost charge and documentation also.
For this you can go to our User R&D/ Customized option in main menu and give your project’s specification which you need.
or You can also contact Us at: +91 89555 12356 or Mail us: with project’s specification or modification you want.

Ans 11. As per your educational requirement you have to get practical knowledge and confidence which can get by doing the project yourself. Thus we suggest you to choose Learning Kit so that you can complete the whole project successfully by yourself in our guidance.

If there is project lab in your college and your college demands the step by step progress of your project in that lab then you can choose Combo Kit.

Assembled Kit is fully complete and tested for ready to run.

Professional Kit is only for professionals who have soldering and circuit testing experience.

The project details and documentation in soft copy is availble in each categories. For more details click here

Ans 12. You can start the project to improve your knowledge, as your project task or any project competition.
Theses projects gives you technical and fundamental knowledge. Thus a hobbyist who have hobby to learn new things can done these projects.

Ans 13. Professional Kits means that you have professional knowledge to solder and assembling the components to complete and after then test & run the project. Our Kit is already tested and gurranted even if you got any mistake and can’t complete then you can contact us. If there is small mistake visible to us then we must help.
If it not solve your problem then you must have to change the professional kit to learning kit so that you can complete your project perfectly with our online guidance.

Ans 14. Yes, we provide online live training with help of our learning kit which has complete set of the project. Thus student can learn and experience the practical knowledge at home also.
We also provide project training like embedded training, basic electronic training etc. at office in Jaipur and organize some workshop for different projects time to time.

Ans 15. First you have to choose the project and click to buy button. Then you have to at checkout page and fill the details and finalizing the purchasing request.
After then there you have two options
a. You can book order buy paying the amount through online gateway.
b. We will contact you and provides company bank account. You can pay the amount to that company account and save the transaction ID and mail to us also.
After getting your payment in company account we will dispatch the courier to your address to deliver to you.
You can also contact us at: +91 89555 12356 or Mail us at: to place your project order.

Ans 16. No, all the prices are inclusive the sale tax, paking charge etc.

Ans 17. There is no any shipping charge will add to project for delivering in India. The shipping cost will charge for delivering project to outside of India.
It generally takes around 2 to 3 working days to delivering projects in metro cities and 3 to 7 working days for other cities in India. For outside of India it will take around 15 days to deliver project.

Ans 18. There is option to choose project according to engineering branch wise and technology wise in our website main menu.
For more help you can contact Us +91 8955512356 or Mail Us at:

Ans 19. yha likho

Ans 20. Our website is totally protected and secured

Ans 21. We don’t sell individual components but you can purchase professional kit in which all components of particular project is provided.

Ans 22. Yes, there are some projects which has software based, window or mobile application based. You can search them through product categories in main menu.

Ans 23. Before dispatching the courier we assure that project must packed carefully and be safe during shipping. Even is any case it will damage before deliver to you then you can contact us to replace that part.

Ans 24. Yes, you can go to our R&D/ Customized option in main menu and give your project’s specification which you need. We will contact you with your project information and after discussing with you we will develop that project.
or You can also contact Us at: +91 89555 12356 or Mail us: with project’s specification or modification you want.

Ans 25. There is only one branch of our company which is at Jaipur and we provide projects online through worldwide.

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