Arduino Based Vehicle tracking System using GPS-GSM


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Fleet management and asset tracking applications often make use of vehicle tracking systems. These systems can now not only track the location of the vehicle, but also report its speed and control it remotely. In general, vehicle tracking is the process of tracking a vehicle’s location using latitude and longitude (GPS coordinates). The GPS coordinates of a location are its values. This system is very effective for outdoor applications. This type of vehicle tracking system is widely used to track cabs/taxis, stolen vehicles, school/college buses etc. In this project, we will take it a step further by creating a GSM and GPS-based vehicle tracking system with an ATMEGA328 microcontroller and GPS using Arduino.


The correct location information is taken by the satellite from the NEO-6 u-blox GPS Module fitted in the vehicle tracking system, this information is processed in the Arduino microcontroller atmega 328 through (UART) serial communication. On completion of tracking interval time set by the user, the microcontroller sends SMS of a location through GSM modem to the two mobile numbers given by the user. If the user wants to know the location before the completion of the interval, then he has to send a special type of message (*M1NL#) as soon as that message is received by the tracking system, the tracking system will send back the new location message to him.


  • Real ​Time vehicle Tracking by SMS (*M1NL#​)
  • vehicle engine  on/off by SMS (*M1ON#) / (*M1OF#)​
  • Change user mobile no by SMS (*M1 country code and Mobile No#) without  SPACE  like *M1+919930012356#
  • Set location Interval Time by SMS (*MT1) 1 = 1sec
  • Set vehicle max speed by SMS (*MS60) 60 = 60kph​

Extra paid Feature also available:​​​​

  • Alcohol detection
  • Fire detection
  • Accident detection
  • Sleep detection
  • Seat belt alert
  • door safety alert
  • fuel percentage alert​




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