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Advanced GSM Meter Reading and Billing System project is design to implement the technology of automatically collecting data from energy meters and transferring that data to a central database for billing and/or analyzing. It automatically checks energy meter reading and transferring that data to a administrator mobile number using GSM modem via message. It can also be analyzed for energy theft if any.

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Fingerprint Based Security System is advanced technology to provide security. It helps in protection from fake. Our system is design to control the door along using administrator fingerprint. To add a fingerprint, just press the ADD button and then select the ID with up or down button. Now show the finger on the module and ADD fingerprint in memory. The fingerprint data feed to the microcontroller 8051 after scanning the new fingerprint. For fingerprint scanning we use R305 fingerprint module. R305 integrated fingerprint verification module. It consists of optical fingerprint sensor, high performance DSP processor and Flash.

Our Fingerprint based Security System has a micro controller 8051 which controls the whole project. When any person shows their finger to this module then our micro controller checks it from fingerprint module memory with its particular ID. If it matches then controller automatically sends signal to L293D to open the door through motor. When admin wants to go out from room then again he/she shows the finger to the module. There is 16×2 character LCD display to displays the all information. When any unsaved fingerprint scanned by this fingerprint module then controller doesn’t open the door and display the message that fingerprint not match on LCD display.


  1. It has very accurate technique of authenticating end users, thus it provides high individual identification accuracy.
  2. The main advantage of Fingerprint technology is less time consuming, user friendly, hard to falsify.
  3. Passwords and PINS have to remember causing people to write them down and it can be hacked. But in Fingerprint technology, fingerprints won’t be lost and can’t be copied by someone aiming to illegally gain access.
  4. As Fingerprint cannot be conjectured or stolen, Fingerprint based systems present a superior level of security than usual means of authentication.

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