RFID Petrol Pump System using 8051 aimed to develop a system to access the petrol pump with RFID card authentication. The system was based on RFID technology. The RFID access solutions is very easy to manage as once there is no more need of simple key lock system. Our RFID Petrol Pump System has micro- controller AT89S52 which controls the petrol pump. When card brought in front of RFID reader, then it follows the card number to the controller for further process. The micro – controller already programmed with the authorized card number its memory. Thus, when it detects the authorized card, then it will display the petrol price and demands to enter the amount of customer paid for petrol. After entering the amount controller calculates the petrol’s quantity in litre and displays it on LCD display. And the controller sends signal to petrol pump’s motor control circuit to start the motor. Micro controller automatically stops the motor after calculated time for that quantity of petrol which has to be given to the customer.

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification is an inexpensive technology, can be implemented for several applications such as security, asset tracking, people tracking, inventory detection, access control applications. The main objective of this to implemented a petrol pump containing access system using RFID which can activate, authenticate, and validate the user and unlock the system in real time for secure access.


  1. Provide real time authentication system
  2. Provide automation in petrol transmission and reduces man power.
  3. Accuracy in the payment in petrol filling
  4. Reduces spare requirement
  5. Less maintenance and greater reliability
  6. Robbery of the fuel will be prevented

How To Choose Best kit for You

1. Professional Kit

this kit for Professional person who knows project soldering, testing, assembling and some basics knowledge. In this kit our role is to provide PCB fabrication, microcontroller programming (If any), Project designing and documentation. Our responsibility is limited to according to checklist facilities only. User is responsible for further process like soldering, assembling etc to complete the project. (Do it yourself 70%)

2. Assembled kit

this kit is fully assembled and tested by us for final running. It has prepared for instant requirements and Ready to Use

3. Combo Kit

there are two separate kits, one fully assembled and tested kit. The second one is a Designed & Drilled Copper PCB with soldering components except a set of detachable components which is already attached in first kit (assembled). User can complete the second kit according to assembly procedure given by us in their college practical lab. If user could not complete their project then he/she can use our first kit or make correction by analyzing and comparing with first kit. (Do it yourself 50%)

4. Learning Kit

this kit is fully Do it yourself under our live guidance & support at our workshop or online video calling. We guide how can component has to be place on PCB and solder to it. We continuously checks and guide if any mistaken by user step by step till completion of project. And after successfully completion of project we certify to student that he/she complete their project successfully in our guidance and also provides our company certificate for this. (Do it yourself 90%)


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