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For various users, Techsodes provides a variety of project kits. Since we know that each person is different and has different needs some are professionals, some are students, and some are hobbyists we have done our best to include a variety of project kits for you.

NOTE:  Documentation kit option no1 is available for free in all kits.


For the project kit you’re interested in, more details are outlined below.


You can download all kinds of project-related papers from Download Project, including project reports and PowerPoint presentations with content that is roughly 80 pages long and includes datasheets, hex codes, source codes, abstracts, synopses, circuit diagrams, and PCB designs. If at all possible, we also offer simulation and design files for CAD/3D, MATLAB, Proteus, and Altium. Under the PROJECT KIT column, you may view the contents that are accessible for download.


Professionals who know how to solder and test should use this kit. We include all the necessary apps/softwire (if any) for the specific project in this kit, along with components like resistance, capacitor, IC, IC Base, diode, LED, LCD, and microcontroller. A pre-designed, printed, and drilled Copper clad PCB is included in that project.

(A free copy of the project documentation kit is available for download.)


We have fully assembled and tested this kit to be plug-and-play. It is equipped and prepared for usage right away.

(A free copy of the project documentation kit is available for download.)


This kit is complete. Use our instructions and support to do it yourself with internet video calling. We give instructions on where a component should go on a PCB and how to solder to it. Until the project is finished, we continuously monitor and assist if any problem face by user we provide solution in a step-by-step manner. And following the project’s successful completion, if you need it, we can also give you a certificate attesting to the project’s success.

(A free copy of the project documentation kit is available for download.)

A free set of tools are provided they are as follows :

1. Soldering Iron 1Ps

2. Tweezer 1Ps

3. Solder Wire 1Ps

4. Flux soldering paste 1Ps

5. Multi meter 1Ps

6. Screwdriver 1Ps

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